Wikia Rules

  • When addding new material never announce your achievements on forums or to any public entity. As a team, we will share all of the update credibility together.
    • (Exception:) If you desire to leave your signature of your own credibility to a single piece of work on the Wikia, then you must enter 4 tilda keys from your keyboard. It should produce something like this: "AsgarothXc 05:53, 10 October 2008 (UTC)"
  • When updating previous work, please use the same article that the information is already on.


  • Sysops are trusted employees who may create articles as they see needed.
    • Articles should be created for new topics only. Links to the articles must be made for easy access to the public; for additional assistance contact Asgaroth on the wikia forums.
  • Sysops are allowed to choose their jobs for the next update.
    • (Exception:)If Sysops choose the same assignments, then they may be adjusted according to experience and opinion of Asgaroth.
  • Assignments must be chosen within the first 3 days of the newly posted Wikia update.
    • (Exception:) If they are not then they will be chosen for you. Feel free to discuss with Asgaroth about your assignments even if they were assigned to you; he's easy going and understands daily life matters.
  • Contact me when assignments have been completed or are in progress.
    • (Exception:)You may adjust the "wikia updates" article to show me what you are working on.

Community Sysops

  • Edit and update only your wikia article.
  • If you want to add to the other articles I would appreciate it if you would pm me on the wikia forums BEFORE you change anything.


  • If any employee or member of the wikia destroys any part of one single article, and seems drastically changed, then you will be blocked from the wikia and withdrawn all responsibilities and assignments given to you. Please do not cross the line; you will regret it.
  • -Wikia Rules will be updated as needed.
  • Picture this as a warning:

AsgarothXc 05:53, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

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