The Exiled Coalition Community

  • Exiled Coalition is a clan that was founded in 2007 by the Owners of Epsilon Worldwide, and two other Renegade Commanders. This clan is the founding clan of Epsilon Worldwide. The leadership and friendship that you will gain from joining the clan will be great. You will enjoy many things that the clan will provide for you. Join this clan; you won't regret it.




  • SF/Xc Teamspeak Server

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Combat Arms

Exiled Coalition Staff

Xc Members

Combat Arms Members

  • Madatanic
  • Gemint
  • Killer_SPaWnz
  • NeonFrost
  • snakeK1ll3r
  • HiddenRifle
  • FatCatSBQ
  • N00BL3T (Also SF Renegade Member)
  • blazer11
  • CrimsonScout
  • ChInGiFieD
  • Grim759
  • Deter02
  • Ben1011
  • sevenfold95
  • Reps
  • LegacyKilla
  • ChildOfHellz
  • ElementXc

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