The One Shot Two Kills Clan:
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  • OSTK is a well known clan with a friendly reputation, and respected members. We have been around for several years now and are intending to keep it that way; that is why we are looking for you! Do you have what it takes to become an OSTK member? Well when you are interested in joining us we can offer you a stable clan, with decent members, friendship, training to improve youre ingame skills, a forum where you can talk to your’e clan mates, and much more. Talk to one of our recruiters today!

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One Shot Two Kills:

One Shot Two Kills; has a nice ring doesn't it? You'd think twice with messing with this clan, but you wouldn't think twice about joining it. These skilled players are at the top of their game, and mostly play on Atomix. Contact them quickly before they beat your clan in a clan war.

Member list: (28/09/2008):

  • OSTKAdmin (Administrator)
    • OSTKwolf (Leader)
    • OSTKshiva (Leader)
    • OSTKflap (Leader)
      • OSTKandy
      • OSTKbuggy
      • OSTKcowbo
      • OSTKMaSpa
      • OSTK81
      • OSTKghost
      • OSTKunit
      • OSTKschaap
      • OSTKMarca
      • OSTKAngel
      • OSTKbleu1

You can contact us via:

Website: E-mail:

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