9/26/08 Begin Atomix-Gaming Project!:

News: Today the atomix-gaming community advertising project will commence.

9/15/08 Work Load Uploaded!:

News: Currently Accepting Applications. Please visit our website:

7/23/08 Work Load Uploaded!:

News: Today a workload list will be added as an article so that DragoonXc and MX from the spartan clan can assist me in my work load for the wikia.

5/25/08 "Alliance War" Founded:

News: Today AsgarothXc founded the "Alliance War." In theory the alliance war is a clan war presented by 4 clans. Two clans join each other on a team, and the other two clans join each other on the offensive team. Thus creating an even larger, and more fun clan war; but in this case, it is called an "Alliance War." In Renegade this would be indicated by 2 clans on the GDI side, and the other 2 clans on the Nod side.

3/1/08 Wikia Creation!:

News: Today Epsilon Worldwide was created on! This wiki has high hopes for success! We plan on providing as much information about Renegade as possible, as well as updating the progress on the upcoming famous mods! Founded by AsgarothXc.
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