The St0rm Gaming Community
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  • The N00bstories gaming community is one of the oldest communities alive. The N00bstories-AOW gaming server is the home server that many players and clans play on. This gaming server has been supporting Renegade players since (Undisclosed at this time). They are also a well developed community, and monitor their servers closely; cheaters don't come here.

N00bstories Gaming Staff


  • Crimson
  • Blazer

Head Administrator

  • Luv2pb (Director of Operations)


  • Espion (Forums Administrator)
  • Andr3w282 (Voice Operations Administrator (Teamspeak))
  • Flipdis (In charge of Mod Apps)
  • AsPHy (Public Relations Administrator)
  • Cunin (Future Development Administrator)
  • Jarhead57 (Internal Affairs Administrator)
  • Griever92 (Marketing Team Administrator)
  • Arnyswart (Server Administrator)
  • Ethenal (Web Design Administrator)
  • Spotelmo (Sesame Street Executive Producer)
  • Havocide3 (Ironhammer - Deals with the communities most retarded and hardassed members)
  • Egoflux0 (Feels Superior)


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