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Renegade X - Summer 09 Trailer HD

Renegade X - Summer 09 Trailer HD

Renegade X:

This is the hottest Renegade Mod out on the market. It has captured the eyes of players ranging from all ages; it has even gained EA's attention! This mod has been marvel in the making; coming from a newly beat up Nod soldier, to an unbelievable level and unit design. Once this mod is finished the crossover from Renegade will begin, and no one will return...

For more information about the mod Click Here!

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C&C Renegade Clan OSTK Promotional Video HIGH QUALITY-0

C&C Renegade Clan OSTK Promotional Video HIGH QUALITY-0

When you are here; you're Family.

  • Join the OSTK today! As a member of our sponsored clan "The OSTK," you will be able to participate in clan matches, and be taught how to organize your own clan. Before you begin your own clan, we will allow you to experience the hardships of leadership, and brotherhood. After you have finished our program, then you may make your own decision to create your own clan, or stay within our clan as a civilian, sponsor, or clan member. The choice is yours. Join the OSTK Today!

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New Improved Atomix Wikia Video

New Improved Atomix Wikia Video

The Rencorner Server:

  • Rencorner is the home server that many players, and clans play on. This gaming server has been supporting the Renegade Community since (Undisclosed at this time). They are also a well developed community, which are bound by rules that help form their stable community.

  • Check out the Advertising Video!

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Exiled Coalition Recruitment Video (2008)-0-1

Exiled Coalition Recruitment Video (2008)-0-1

Exiled Coalition:

  • The Exiled Coalition is one of our allies, and great friends. They are a very respectable gaming Clan with seriously elite gaming skill. Give these guys a try, they won't let you down.

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We do our best to make this Wikia look better each week. If you have suggestions or wish to criticize our work please go to our wikia forums located on the side bar of the wikia (located to the left side of the screen).

We hope that this Wikia enhances all Renegade players' experience. There is always a home for C&C: Renegade players; and we will provide it. Our Wikia will give players an advantage in gameplay, and give players a chance to pick between which clan they wish to join.

We will provide information about each clan that you will want to know about before making your choice; but before you make your choice, we recommend that you spend your first time in our sponsored clan: Exiled Coalition.

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