This is a list of hacks and cheats that will help you to better identify cheaters/hackers and be able to stop them.

  • Money hacks: Gives you money whenever you want.
  • RGH:
    • Aimbot: Helps you target the players ingame.
    • Spectate mode: You are able to follow the players ingame and kill them.
    • Wall hacks: Lets you shoot through walls.
    • Radar hack: Lets you see everyone on the radar.
  • Big mines: Makes the time c4's, proximity c4's and remote c4's much bigger, so that they are easier to spot.
  • Big head: Everyone runs around with a big head.
  • Big body: Everyone has a big body.
  • Stealth reveal: You are able to see stealthed objects, like SBH's and Stealth Tanks when on the opposing team.
  • Rapid fire: Changes your rate of fire so that you fire more bullets than allowed.
  • Velocity cheat: Increases speed of the weapon so that you hit the enemy much easier.
  • Damage hack: Raises the damage done by all weapons/tanks.
  • Big weapons: Makes all the weapons bigger and easier to hit.
  • Final Renegade
  • Purchase terminal hack: You're able to access the PT anywhere on the field.
  • Trigger bot hack

(To be updated)

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