-Exiled Coalition

Spartan Forces


-Spartan Forces -=SF=-

  • The Spartan Forces are our allies, and great friends. They are a very respectable Renegade clan with seriously elite gaming skills. They are also a subsiderary clan for U.N. Rules. Give these guys a try, they won't let you down.

One Shot Two Kills


-One Shot Two Kills [OSTK]

  • Read about the OSTK Clan (Member List, Video, Contacts, etc.)

The HoS Clan

  • Website:
  • Read about the HoS Clan. (Member List, Video, Contacts, etc.)

Frontline Soldiers


-Frontline Soldiers ~FS

  • The Frontline Soldiers are the first soldiers on the field in Renegade. You will not make a mistake in joining this regiment. Check out their forums and see what their up to, they may have a mission for you.

Only Skillz Clan


Soldiers of Chaos


-Soldiers of Chaos ~SOC~

  • Currently in Construction

Devils Rise


  • Currently in Construction

Baptized By Fire



Nod Elites


-Nod Elites [NE]

See Nod Elite Video!

Elite Kamekaze Team

Header 02

-Elite Kami Kaze Team:

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