The HoS Clan

  • A newer clan looking at building its reputation, Heros of Solidarity (HoS) is ran by many St0rm Gaming Staff. We are currently looking for new members, do you think you have a shot? At HoS we provide a friendly environment, and a sense of welcome to all who join and/or browse our clan. If you are interested in becoming a member of the HoS Clan, please stop in at our forums and fill out an application! Here at HoS, we provide our own server for members to play on, and we also provide other games for clan members to enjoy. Currently HoS provides the following games: 1.) Renegade; 2.) Crysis; 3.) America's Army. Stop on by and make some new friends!

  • Visit the forums:
  • Check out the Video!


HoS has been a proud clan since the end of January, 2008. We are currently Upgrading our servers.

Rules and Regulations

Will be Updated Soon!

mIRC Interface

Staff and Clan Members are required to be on mIRC.

  • Server: /server
  • Main Channels: #Lobby (auto-joined); #heroes; #hos; #hos-crysis. Type /list for a complete list of channels available.

The HoS Clan Staff


  • St0rM
  • Ferluci0


  • Arengold
  • Volcom112

Site Administrators:

  • Gwynzer
  • MacKinsey

Team Leader:

  • Tiny


  • Slayer21
  • DaJoXTeR


  • Svenyboy
  • EMDAtikun
  • Pyromania
  • Gwynzer
  • sg1sgt

Half Moderatorsr:

  • Jameson11
  • sineponev
  • WarofWest
  • MoRtiVore


  • kippies66
  • Danial1
  • -HoS-De$TroY=~>

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