Renegade X: The Revolution of Renegade

Hey all. It's been a few weeks since you've heard from us Just a small update for all of you!

Light Tank

Havoc89's been cooking up the light tank, first with a spectacular model and more recently with a texture. It's just about ready to kick some Medium Tank ass!

RenX LT Wip 06

Walls Flying

Our very own Bret Hart has been working on remaking the Walls Flying map, and he's made some great progress! Take a look for yourself:

Walls Flying 03

Walls Flying 02

Walls Flying 01

Flame Tank Concept

JeepRubi will be tackling the Flame Tank in the coming weeks, and he's already got a concept ready for the high poly! Watch out.


Scorpion Hunters map!

You saw it in our last trailer, and you liked it. We've decided to remake the first level of C&C Renegade as a multiplayer map, with GDI and Nod bases, ready for the upcoming war. Zixxer's done an excellent job!

ScorpHunter wip 03

ScorpHunter wip 02

ScorpHunter wip 01

HUD System

Havoc89 and Warlord have been working on the new Heads Up Display system. Although we had already remade C&C Renegade's, we at Renegade X decided to go to the next level... X! It's got all the game information you had in the original and more, including mine count information, structure status, vehicle count, and much more, all at your fingertips. It's still a work in progress, but check it out!

Tyi4469 tmp

Vote for RENEGADE X!

I'd just like to give a reminder that the Mod DB voting for 'Mod of the Year' ends on February 2nd.

If you haven't voted in Phase 2 yet (note! Different from phase 1 voting! Make sure you have voted), then here is the mods to vote for. Remember that you can vote for as many mods as you want.

Remember that our hard-working team is working from our own free time for free, to bring you our updates and future releases. Voting is the just a matter of one button, and anyone could do it - spread the word, as far as you can! Tell your family and friends! The best way for our fans to get Renegade X finished is to spread the word in hopes that we may be in the Top 5.

So vote! And thanks for supporting your friendly neighborhood Renegade X mod.

That's it for now. Be sure to keep up with Renegade X for more compelling updates!

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