The Black-Cell Gaming Community
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  • The Black-Cell Gaming community is one of the oldest communities alive. The Black-Cel AOW gaming server is the home server that many players, and clans play on. This gaming server has been supporting the Renegade Community since (Undisclosed at this time). They are also a well developed community, and fully supports a World of Warcraft Black Cell Guild, and a C&C: Renegade Clan in their community.

Rules and Regulations

  • These rules are tentative and subject to change by will, or whim, of Administrative lead. It is your responsibility, as a user of the network, to stay familiar with following rule listing:


  • Coming Soon!


  • For immediate assistance you may log onto mIRC or TS.

mIRC Interface

  • Server: Coming Soon!
  • Main Channels: Coming Soon!

TS Interface

  • Label: Black Cell
  • Address: Coming Soon!

Black-Cell Staff


  • Coming Soon!

Head Administrator:

  • Coming Soon!


  • Coming Soon!


  • Coming Soon!

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