Atomix-Gaming Server

Atomix-Gaming Server

The Atomix Gaming Community
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  • Atomix Gaming is the home server that many players, and clans play on. This gaming server has been supporting the Renegade Community since (Undisclosed at this time). They are also a well developed community, which are bound by rules that help form their stable community.

Rules and Regulations

  • These rules are tentative and subject to change by will, or whim, of Administrative lead. It is your responsibility, as a user of the network, to stay familiar with said rule listing.


  • Any statement regarding the rules, or decision made by an identified moderator stands, and has the full backing of the administration team, unless otherwise stated at a later time.
    • Please respect the decisions made by our moderators.
      • The administration team reserves the right to ammend these rules at any time.

  • No cheating of any description. This will result in a permanent ban on your nickname, IP and serial.
  • No team hampering. This includes, but is not limited to: team vehicle stealing, blocking team vehicles, blocking team repairers and overmining.
  • Flaming characters and vehicles are not allowed.
  • Do not publically use derogitory language. This includes, but is not limited to racism and homophobic language.
  • Do not exploit glitches such as glass shooting, obelisk walking, timed c4 puking and the friendly fire exploit. Others are disallowed as per information given to you by a moderator.
  • No base to base on any map, with any vehilce or character. See map rules for specifics. *Attacking buildings from the hill on Hourglass IS allowed.
  • Do not glitch the obelisk. This is classed as any action that causes the obelisk to fire at you, but do no damage.
  • Do not place vehicles in buildings, tunnels or anywhere else they shoulnd't be.
  • Do not lay tunnel beacons on any map where it is possible. Tunnel beacons are classed as those laid in a tunnel, and that do damage to a building of the opposite team. On Canyon, you must be completely out of the Nod vehicle tunnel to lay a beacon.
  • Beacons are not to be placed in any commonly unreachable location, including on top of buildings on non-flying maps.
  • Two person wall jumping is allowed. Wall jumping with vehicles is not.
  • Do not beacon spam. This includes the beacon "music" and also excessive fake beacons.
  • Do not abuse the poll system. This includes starting polls deemed as invalid by our moderators, and also repeating polls that are halted, or do not pass.
  • Do not idle in the server for longer than five to ten minutes.
  • Do not stack teams by abusing the !tc command, or otherwise. This includes leaving the game to unbalance teams, allowing another player to join or swap teams.
  • Do not excessively joke about cheating, or make baseless cheating accusations.
  • Follow any direction given to you by an identified moderator.
    • Any breach of the above rules will result in penalty as deemed necessary by the moderation team.

mIRC Interface

  • Server:
  • Main Channels: #The-Hangout (auto-joined). Type /list for a complete list of channels available.

TS Interface

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  • Label: Atomix
  • Server Address:

Atomix-Gaming Staff:


  • Ungy


  • Xpert (New Owner & Founder of Mt0wn)


  • Xpert
  • dippy
  • Admin
  • Atomix Admin


  • Anthem
  • Asgaroth
  • bigdewgo
  • BloodLine-={SF}=-
  • BennieNL
  • cAMpa
  • Catalyst
  • EaZiE`
  • FiNMaN
  • Flappy
  • FsVult
  • L
  • {Os}Moeze
  • NuneGa
  • Nurp1e
  • OSTKshiva
  • Raven
  • Shaitan
  • The Darkz
  • Tomo
  • Vasatron1
  • Wyld1USA


  • Alspants
  • FsChong
  • FsKagaos
  • GoCDuck
  • iTaLyPwNs
  • IwasCh0zN
  • {Os}Jakerz
  • Mark72091
  • Peppbles
  • PsYch0pATh
  • Senex
  • Silenthunter
  • solidpro9
  • TheWildShoe
  • UNC
  • Zathrak


  • Hellview
  • HunterXc
  • InfernoXc
  • taintedbl00d
  • taintedbl00d2
  • Vinny


  • le_covemang

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